Blood, teeth and HVAC

I'll try to get a more substantive post up tomorrow. But I realized there are a few different updates, none of which really merit a full post. So prepare to be caught up on my life!   HVAC I got quotes on Monday and Tuesday for the unit that will go in the guest house. (The in-laws are very excited.) The first contractor suggested Continue Reading

How a few clicks got me $298 in 30 days


Cash back shopping sites. Yep, it's another one of those posts. Before you click away, just hear me out. Or, technically, read me out. You get the point. "But Abby," you say (which is weird because you're talking to a screen), "I already use a cash back site." And that's the issue: Too many people use only one site. Each time you go to Continue Reading

7 personal finance lessons from Mr. Spock


As you probably know, Leonard Nimoy passed away on Friday. It wasn't long before lists of Spock quotes came out -- many of which were funny and even insightful. Being a PF blogger, I feel it's only fitting to take those quotes and pervert them into personal finance lessons. I'm sure it's what he would have wanted. 1. "Insufficient facts Continue Reading

Freebie Friday


    Freebie Friday is brought by to you by The Freebie Blogger. Check out the site daily for information on how to get great freebies!     Free Montagne Jeunesse Face Mask Sample Free Appetizer at California Pizza Kitchen Pizza Free $10 Victoria’s Secret Rewards Card Free Issue of Mom Magazine Earn Extrabucks Continue Reading

Can we save $10,000 in 7 months?

question mark

Ever since we got the surprisingly low estimate for Tim's implants, I've been crunching numbers in my head. I'd like to avoid going into debt, so I'm going to give us til October to come up with the funds. But we may still be short. Part of the problem is that I don't know how much Tim's implant-supported dentures will be. I tried to get a Continue Reading

The cost of working from home


Our electric company sent out a nice little passive-aggressive note comparing our usage to the rest of the neighborhood. Not surprisingly, we were significantly higher. (Gee, with four people home all day? Whodathunk it?) This got me thinking. Plenty of bloggers, including myself, are quick to praise the money-saving benefits of working from home: Continue Reading