#FirstWorldProblems part 2

Image by Steven Straiton

Awhile ago I did a #FirstWorldProblems post. It went over well, but I never really thought about doing a second one. Then I read about Pretend to be Poor's mission to India. Which made me compare what she was doing to my current list of woes. Clearly, it's time for a reality check, so here's another round of #FirstWorldProblems: Tim's Continue Reading

Vote! And other stuff.

Image by League of Women Voters

Just a reminder that Monday is the last day to vote for the Plutus Awards. You can use this link to vote, filling in my blog URL (http://ipickuppennies.net) wherever you think appropriate. I appreciate all the support you guys give me. Be it in the form of voting, checking out affiliate links or general readership I'm still Continue Reading

Freebie Friday

Freebie Friday is brought to you by The Freebie Blogger. Check out the site daily for information on great free stuff!   Free Always Discreet Sample Pack 500 Free Old Orchard Reward Points Free Slip 2000 EWL Lubricant for Guns 101 Free Prints – Just Pay Shipping 50 Free Pampers Gifts to Grow Points Free Rosh Hashanah Greeting Continue Reading

When you can’t afford free

No one can afford free Spam samples.

I used my birthday gift card/money to buy my beloved-if-overpriced hair products at Sephora. I checked to see what items I could get with my bonus points. One was a sample of Clinique's Smart Custom-Repair Serum. This alleged wunderkind of the beauty goop world is supposed to detect what your skin needs. That could be eliminating dark spots and Continue Reading

Gurgle gurgle

Image by Aimanness Photography

That's the sound of me drowning in life. And this is a post to say I can't post today. Well, not a substantive one. Here's why: A bladder infection reared its head toward the end of date night Monday. So we went to Urgent Care and, for the first time ever, it was packed. I spent two and a half hours there (only 20 of which were in the actual Continue Reading


Photo: MTA New York CIty Transit

Sorry for the silence over the weekend. I usually like to put a little something up, but sometimes I'm just... flat. And this was one such weekend. I didn't leave the house on Saturday. I got dressed and had some caffeine to boost my energy. Then I waited for it to kick in. And waited. And waited. After 45 minutes, I realized I was staying Continue Reading