Good news: A guy came back and took care of the back- and front yard jungle for only $70. Given what the yard service charged us last time, it probably saved us $300-400.

Bad news: He forgot the extension cord for his blower. So I ended up sweeping some clippings off the driveway and the sidewalk and our neighbor’s driveway. Tim’s allergic to cut grass (think eyes swell shut), so I wanted the clippings as far away from him as possible. The sidewalk and neighbor’s driveway because I felt bad.

It’s 106, and I left the push broom outside a couple of times to go get a garbage bag/get Nadine to help me bag it. Also, the 15 minutes of sweeping I did. At the end, I noticed my hand was stinging. Actually, it was burning, and there was a big flap of skin.

Might be a regular blister, but I don’t think so. I usually notice blisters long before they pop. Also, it didn’t sting when I put it under cold water. In fact, it felt better. And on my trip from the kitchen to the bathroom (maybe 100 feet), it started burning worse. I ended up having to put an ice pack on it for a couple of minutes.

So yeah, I think I actually burned my hand on a push broom. On the pad under my left index finger up onto the bottom of the finger, which makes it a little tough to type. Hence a shortish post.

I’m off to put some Neosporin on and figure out a way to bandage it. At least the mosquito bites have calmed down. Sigh.



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