Wedding by Amazon Prime?

Image by Dax Dover (image altered)

A reader emailed me recently to say that she found a strange frugal hack for her wedding: Amazon. She needs two tents for the occasion, and just one costs $540. Horrified, she checked Amazon, purely as a joke. There she found $135 tents that include side walls. No shipping through Amazon Prime. She can buy sandbags for less than $6 each, Continue Reading


Image by Rennet Stowe

Part of Friday morning was spent at the emergency room. Tim was having a hard time breathing and was having occasional pains in his chest/diaphragm. He did his best to deal with it on his own. He took a shower to clear out his lungs. He even went to the health club and sat in the hot tub. Neither worked, and whenever he tried to lie down, he Continue Reading

Do you want free money? Also (late) Freebie Friday

Sorry I'm getting this up late. Today has been busy. More on that in another post. Before we get to the actual freebies, how about discussing free money? Donna Freedman (aka Mom) is now accepting affiliates for her course Write a Blog People Will Read. You can make $10.29 per sale. If you're interested, contact her through the site for a Continue Reading

Baby Heather was possessed! And other money tales


Jon at Money Smart Guides did a post about his first money memories. It got me thinking about my own childhood money lessons.   Condiment savings My first money memory is a mayonnaise jar. Mom had cleaned one out, cut a slit in the lid and put it on top of her dresser. Every night, any pennies got put in the jar. (She also had a Continue Reading

A sick cat and a poll

I'm still trying to make up for lost sleep from Saturday night. We were literally getting into bed when Tim heard Patches puking. He got up to wipe it up and found it was red. It was mostly bile, which usually means she was without food for too long. He put a little in her bowl, and she just looked at it. Very, very disturbing. We ended up Continue Reading

Could WE live on half of our income?


We've established that it'd be mighty difficult to live on half of $30,000. We couldn't even do it on $36,000. Of course, we had $700 rent and $500 high-risk insurance in addition to the rest of our expenses. But our household income is now significantly more. So could we live on half? In a word, no. In this case, I'm counting all Continue Reading