When I started this blog, Tim and I were living on about $3,000 a month, with $700 rent and a $500 insurance premium. Plus the $40 specialist co-pays for the dermatologist he saw at least two or three times a month. At least. Plus my meds, which were $300 every three months.

Oh, and we were paying off student loan and credit card debt. The debt wasn’t from anything fun. It was from not having enough money to pay for incidental expenses and about $12,000 for Tim’s oral surgery. In total, we paid off around $25,000 (not including the stuff that Mom loaned us and, as a wedding present, forgave).

We’ve been out of non-car, non-mortgage debt for around 4 years now.  finished with the credit card debt about a year after moving to Arizona because I finally found a way to work full-time. But I never forgot those days that felt financially claustrophobic and, frankly, often hopeless. Or at least futile, as new bills piled on while we paid off old ones.

So I’ve worried off and on about alienating my old readers as our circumstances improved. Not that people would be mean, but that I simply might not appeal to them as much. I’m no longer scrambling. Well, scrambling to save and to fix various things with the house. But not scrambling in the real sense. I mean, I’ve seen people who used to leave comments constantly just stop. I suspect they no longer read. Maybe that’s due to time constraints, or maybe I simply became too like the two-income households I used to be so exasperated with.

So I’ve always felt guilty, I guess. As though I strayed too far from my roots here. And so I’ve been reluctant to share hard numbers. I mentioned that our car fund was at about $4,000, and I’ve shared the quarterly results of our Saved Savings account. That was as far as I was willing to go. I didn’t want my readers to know just how comfortable we (sorta) are.

Then the car accident happened, and we realized that it made sense to just buy a different car. Even then, I hoped we could fly under the radar with a $10,000 or less car. But that didn’t happen. And when you can come up with just under $14,000 within a week… Well, I think it’s safe to say my cover’s blown.

So I guess I might as well let the sunshine in. After all, my mom recently did. And if she can be honest about her numbers, then I guess I can be (situationally forced to be) honest about mine.

So here’s where we stand:

We had $4,300 in the car fund. I guess $300 a month really adds up fast. We were at $9,150 in savings, back up from the energy efficiency fixes that cut it down to $7,750. We then borrowed about $500 from the EF to cover the last little bit.

The insurance check was for a little under $2,900, Mom sent $4,000, and it was the end of the quarter so Saved Savings came to $630. After bringing our emergency fund back up to $5,000, we now have $7,270 in the savings. I should note that the $4,000 was marked to go into our IRA. So that’s just a bummer.

And of course those savings aren’t really “savings” so much as Tim’s dental implant fund. We’ll start shopping around in earnest soon, but I’m expecting that we’ll have to pay around $10,000-12,000 for just the one jaw. So… yeah. And yes I know I’m trying to justify myself. You’d probably do the same in this situation. Or you’d be mentally healthy and just celebrate the win. Ya know, whatever.

The car fund is up to $100 again. For the next little bit, $200 of that $300 a month payment will be going into savings. Because: depletion.

We’ve started saving for an HVAC unit for the guest house, and that’s at just under $500. The vacation fund (currently $800) will be gone once we settle the cost of FinCon and Tim’s trip. Mainly FinConWe’ve also started saving for an HVAC unit for Tim’s parents and are up to just under $500. The washer/dryer fund is at $112. Saved Savings is up to $142 already.

In all, we have about $13,000 in various accounts — not including the accounts like Tim’s fun money, car insurance and health insurance, as they’re all spoken for. So yeah, those are our numbers. Just remember that thing about Tim’s teeth, ‘kay?



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