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Scales and dehydration

Image by Paul H

Today, my scale told me that I was 178.1 lbs. That's what I consider my base rate. That is, about 20 lbs over my healthy weight but still the lowest I've gotten in recent years. The problem is that the number isn't right. I had gained around three or four pounds recently, and, based on the way my clothes and bras are fitting, I haven't lost Continue Reading

Freebie Friday


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Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt

Image by Lesley Parker

It can also be the outcome of Tim's disability review. Yep, we got the letter on Saturday saying that they didn't see enough evidence of health impairments.   The problem with taking care of your health Like most people with health problems, we've structured our lives to take as small a toll as possible on our bodies. Alas, doing that can Continue Reading

The streak is over… and I don’t feel so good

Image by Moyan Brenn

Yep, after 232 days, I cracked late afternoon on Sunday. On the other hand, I lasted four whole days without chocolate of any sort. I only broke because my brain started thinking about the Gimme S'more! from Cold Stone. The thought wouldn't leave, so I just gave up after a couple of hours. And as I said before, if you're gonna do something, do Continue Reading

Ovulation and breakfast

Image by Frank Monnerjahn

Well, I'm proud to say that I only got slightly squeamish about the Ovidrel injection and was still able to stick myself. Tim was on standby, but I think he was relieved that he didn't have to get involved. Based on what the reproductive endocrinologist said, I should be ovulating by now. So we have, ahem, a busy weekend ahead of us. Despite Continue Reading