Tomorrow, that is. Today I shore everything up.

I just dropped Tim off at the airport. We both chose all the clothes we’re taking on Sunday. I still have a ton of other things to pack – makeup, meds, hair stuff, contact lenses, etc – but it’s at least nice to know that I won’t be thrown into a tizzy tonight over what colors match and which fabrics are most breathable. (Mid- to high 80s and 70+% humidity? Thanks, New Orleans.)

Later today I’m dropping Sandy off at the Petsmart to board. She eats in dribs and drabs, and we won’t be here to shoo Patches away from her food.

On previous trips, Nadine has taken care of the cats, but she’s off to Washington for her brother’s memorial service. We have doubts about Marc’s ability to stand Sandy’s crying, let alone keep petting her and corralling her back to her food for the half hour it takes to get her to eat any substantial amount of food.

Patches is far lower maintenance. He can just pop his head in, put dry food in her bowl, check her water and be done with it.

So the unexpected expense of boarding Sandy for a week: $160.

Another unexpected Sandy expense was the vet visit yesterday. She just wasn’t eating much lately and has lost weight. She didn’t have anything extra on her. She was 5.7 lbs before and has lost .7 of that, according to the vet’s scale.

Turns out she has an infection, so they gave her a wide spectrum antibiotic shot. Her thyroid felt a little enlarged, so the vet is getting a panel done there. (She at least decided to wait for the results of the $50 panel before ordering a more thorough, $120 thyroid test.) In the end, it was still $160. Sigh.

Oh and speaking of unexpected expenses, one of the tires ripped on something as the car pulled out of the Walgreens parking lot. It’s right next to a Jiffy Lube, so they put on the donut. Sears gave us a reasonably priced tire, but that still came to $100. Sheesh.

But it’s all taken care of, except for dropping Sandy off later today. Then I just have to worry about packing all the last minute stuff. That and dishes. I promised Tim he’d come back to an empty sink.

All that shouldn’t be too much trouble, especially because I now have the day off. My computer was acting up earlier, and we thought I’d have to take it in for repair. My supervisor told me to just take the day off.

So I’ll be finishing the third season of Veronica Mars, maybe renting the movie digitally and generally trying to relax.

The shuttle picks me up at 7:23 a.m. (blech) and my flight is at 10. I look forward to kissing all this stress goodbye during liftoff.


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