As I went tripping ’round the blogosphere, catching up on some much needed reading, there were some pieces that caught my eye:

My Two Dollars has changed his mind about walking away from your mortgage. I’m still not sure I am completely comfortable with it. But this article nearly swayed me!

J over at Budgets Are Sexy asks if you’d sell your virginity — and if so, for how much?

Amanda over at My Dollar Plan wants to know if you have a plan for the worst case scenario. It’s really something that everyone should ask.

Mrs. Micah explains the difference between identity theft and credit card fraud. I think we all tend to use the two interchangeably.

Money Mate Kate has discovered the Couponing for Food Banks Club. I’d never heard of a club like this, so it was really interesting!

Jill at Moolanomy explains how to have a no-spend weekend. We hear a lot about them, but she had some excellent points about the actual mechanics of it all.

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