I received an offer in the mail for a discounted AAA membership. It would be $34 for me, $14.50 for Tim for 14 months worth of coverage. Together, that’s less than normal price, which is $53 a year plus $29 for each additional person. (Of course, I’m sure, like magazines, these “special offers” create more subscription numbers than any other method.)

I’ve never had AAA coverage before, though I know my aunt and uncle are very happy with theirs.

Obviously, the main allure here is the roadside assistance. If we needed a tow, it would cost us $40 (which is cheap already). So one incident like that in a year and we’ve almost made up for the cost of the whole membership.

On the other hand, how often does that situation actually come up? We already had it towed once this year when two tires went flat. That was the first time in the five years I’d been using a car that we actually needed a tow. And, while I have to check with my insurance, I’m pretty sure I get some roadside assistance from that policy.

Plus there’s the fact that, in Phoenix, a 5-mile tow doesn’t get you very far.

What are your guys’ experience with/opinions on AAA? I need some feedback!

In the meantime, I’m going to go through the various discounts and see how they stack up to the ones we already have through the Entertainment Book and Mr. Rebates.

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