I’m sorry, but I really do.

I want an iPod Touch. I want Project Natal when it comes out. I can no longer buy books (even used, even at garage sales) because I can’t make myself get rid of them once I’m done.

I also really, really like clothes. And shoes. And jewelry. I guess I’m a sucker for baubles.

In short, I will never be a minimalist.

I know it’s a goal for a lot of frugal people. I guess that minimalism is linked to frugality because it dictates that you don’t desire a lot of crap. Thus, companies have a harder time convincing you to buy their crap. And the end result is a distinct lack of cluttered crap in your house.

All a worthy goal, mind you. Intellectually, I completely agree. Emotionally, I wish I could be one of those people who doesn’t want to bother with a lot of belongings.

But that’s not who I am.

In fact, I sometimes wonder just how many people are minimalist. It’s talked about on the blogs a good deal, but that’s not necessarily representative of its true numbers.

I know that at least a few people who read this blog are lovers of technology, which always seemed to be at odds with minimalism — at least, to me. There are also a lot of people who are horrified by the vast amount of belongings they accrued right along with their debt. So that’s an argument for minimalism.

Still, this society does love its gadgets and doodads and knickknacks. And given overall sales numbers for each new technological innovation, clearly we can’t all be committed to minimalism.

So how many of you do consider yourselves minimalists? How many consider yourselves at least somewhat materialistic?

I firmly believe there’s a healthy median found between splurging and purging. Let’s call it frugal materialism. You still buy things, and you don’t actively avoid acquiring new possessions, but you try to spend carefully. You shop intentionally, rather than passively. You don’t get your kids every toy coming off the assembly line. But you still enjoy having “stuff.”

Anyone fit that? I think I just might.

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