Some small successes

This week I’ve been focused on trying to get things together. As I mentioned in my last post, I am guessing part of my problem is lack of ambient light. So I have been trying to keep the blinds open during the day, and I have seen a small improvement.

Things were made harder by missing a couple of days of one of my antidepressants. Tim sleeps at odd hours, so I wouldn’t remember to have him go get the prescription until it was too late. I myself didn’t feel up to it, either. But I’m back to having all of my meds, and Tim wants me to transfer my prescriptions to a 24-hour pharmacy, which should help us avoid this in the future.

I am happy to say that, even in the midst of a pretty bad cycle, I’m finding small things that I can do. Very small, really. I’m absolutely addicted to Fiber One chewy bars, but usually have to buy them at Costco due to their high price.

This past week, though, Fry’s had them on sale for $1.88 with all coupons being worth $1. So I bought some coupons on eBay. One set arrived on Tuesday, so I went and got 14 boxes for 88 cents each. I got a rain check for the rest, so when the other coupons arrive, I should be good to go.

Counting the cost of getting the coupons from eBay, I paid just over $1 per box — or about 20 cents each. They’re about $4 a box normally. And even at Costco, we pay about 40 cents a bar. So it was a nice little victory to celebrate.

I love having these bars around for a few reasons. First, they’re very tasty. Second, they can sometimes calm a bad chocolate craving since they have some chips in them. Third, they’re full of fiber, so they actually stave off hunger pretty well for about an hour and a half to two hours at a time. I stick some of these in my purse when we go out to play Magic, and I’m less tempted to buy fast food.

I’m still swimming upstream, to a certain extent, so I’m trying to take it one baby’s baby step at a time. I emailed an accountant to help me deal with my S-Corp taxes. I am working my way up to actively handling our finances again, rather than just transferring in money when our checking gets low. And I’m trying to set up my filing cabinet, which is going to be full of stops and starts, so that I have a hope of being more organized. And having desk space.

When things are this difficult, I go from having one chore a day to having one main goal for the week. It’s frustratingly slow, but it helps me avoid getting overwhelmed. When I start to feel inundated, I curl up in an emotional fetal position and nothing gets done at all.

As the meds level out in my system again, I want to get a little more caught up. But for now I’m trying to be kind to myself and to realize that there are times when getting anything done at all is a victory. Those times may be a little more often than I would like, but it’s better to accept that fact. It’s easier to work around a limitation than to keep ramming headlong into it.

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