In the past, I’ve asked how much people spend on groceries. But that really wasn’t the whole answer. I know that some people don’t eat out at all while paying down debt or just being frugal. But I’m also willing to bet that at least some of you do eat out at least once a week. Or maybe I’m mistaken, who knows.

The last time we talked about it, it seemed like things balanced out to about $100ish per person. It seemed like most married people without kids came in around $200-250. Most individuals seemed to come in around $100-150.

But I never ask about if you get takeout sometimes or have dinner at a sit-down restaurant a couple of times a month.

So, if people wouldn’t mind baring all, I really would like to get a sense of how much, total, you spend on food each month.

In the past, I budgeted for about $200-250 a month for Tim and myself. But I also budgeted for $20-30 a week for a sit-down meal. Because we would get fast food or, sometimes, just have one dinner out at a sit-down place like Red Robin. On the bad weeks, when depression made food prep untenable, we’d spend more like $40 a week. So that works out to just a bit under $370. If too many bad weeks happened, we’d hit $400 or a little above.

Not an inconsiderable amount to be sure. And we do now spend more. But I’m trying to get a sense of how those numbers would stack up against the “average” frugal person.

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