You heard it here folks: Donna Freedman is about to become a grandmother.

That probably doesn’t mean much unless you know that a) she’s my mom and b) I’m an only child.

In other words, I’m pregnant.

It’s unexpected — I was on birth control, actually. But we were planning on starting a family within the next 1-2 years. So we’re just having to rearrange things a bit.

I acknowledge that the timing (financially and otherwise) could be better. But we’re excited, if slightly freaked out.

So far, I’ve been lucky to avoid nausea and puking, with the brief exception of trying to empty some food that had been sitting out for a couple of hours. My stomach promptly told me Tim was going to finish that job. In fact, I had to go hang out in the bedroom for awhile because the smell was wafting into the living room.

(Incidentally, my enhanced sense of smell was another reason we decided not to try to salvage the couch. Not to mention the no-no-ness of dealing with cat pee when pregnant.)

I did make the mistake of walking Target’s baby aisle on a recent trip, which nearly set off some vomiting. But I’ve calmed down since for a few reasons:

1. My mom has offered to buy the crib. That’s about $200 off our minds/wallets.

2. Tim and I plan on mainly buying used clothes at thrift stores. We’ve always agreed that there’s no sense in paying retail for cloth that will get ruined or grown out of nearly immediately.

3. My amazing boss has already confirmed he’ll give me paid maternity leave, despite my status as an independent contractor.

4. We won’t need to pay for daycare or home help when I do go back to work. There will be three other people in the house to help keep the baby from fussing.

Tim’s parents are doing the grandparent equivalent of the Superbowl touchdown dance. They’ve wanted a grandkid for ages, though they were nice enough not to pressure us about it.

Nadine and I are planning to start hitting yard sales within the next month or so. That will help us decorate the nursery (and maybe the kid) affordably. It will also help Nadine understand that she doesn’t have to buy expensive items to help us get ready for the baby.

One way she’s definitely helping is by cooking/teaching Tim to cook. Her meals have, believe it or not, vegetables in each one. Crazy, right? And now that we know I’m pregnant, I’m sure the veggies will just keep going up in quantity.

She also made me some trail mix to take with me when we’re out and about — especially at Magic tournaments. That way, I’m less tempted to get fast food or candy or whatever.

That’s especially important, since I want to avoid gestational diabetes at all costs. (My BMI puts me at obese, though I would just say noticeably overweight.) That means I need to start taking walks, however short, and generally make sure I don’t gain much weight in the first three months. And that weight gain after that is within healthy limits.

So much to do, and only 8.5 months to do it in. It’s a tad overwhelming. So I’m going to go have a bowl of cereal (the healthy stuff, don’t worry) and contemplate our embryo being the size of an orange seed.

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