Aha — destruction CAN be cheaper!

Remember how demolishing part of the shed was going to take $600? That included haul away but… Yeesh.

The other issue is that the shed still wouldn’t have had a fourth wall to, you know, close it off. (I’m sure there’s a joke somewhere in there about blogging and fourth walls.)

We got a second friend, Jose, to come over and have a look. He said he’d do the demolition and haul away for $150-200.

Once the shed is gone, though, we’ll have a 10-foot gap between the wood fence out front and the concrete wall in the back. Especially if we don’t have the shed closed off, that’s bad. Did I mention we quite literally live right next to a park?

Jose had brought his dad along to give us a quote on bricking up the shed. (Materials alone would be $400-500, so not really an option right now.)

But the dad did come up with a very affordable solution to our fence problem. Apparently, wooden fence panels are only $30 or so at Home Depot. If we get that and a post, we can cover up the gap affordably.

Then he’ll help us shore up the gate door, which is battered. To be exact, it’s missing a slat (which my in-laws’ dogs could easily wriggle through) and needs a new latch and hinges. Perhaps because of the hinges, it drags on the ground in spots.

Yes, our shed will still be open on one side, but there will be a fence to keep people out and dogs in. That, to me, is what’s important at the moment.

Another benefit: Nadine will have a side entrance to come and go for her walks. That means she won’t be walking through the house 6-8 times a day.

Jose’s dad will come and act as foreman — ie, directing Tim and Jose, who will do the grunt work. He doesn’t seem to expect payment for his time, so I’m thrilled.

Meanwhile, the supplies shouldn’t cost much more than $100. That brings the total to about $300 — aka half of the first quote we got. Proving once again that it pays to shop around!


  1. jjp says

    Be sure to make doubly (triply!) sure he doesn't expect payment…you don't want to be surprised by a large bill, or lose a friendship over it.

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