Thrifty Saturday

Tim announced that he was off to an all-day tournament today. That means his parents and I are sans car for most of the day. Honestly, I don’t mind. No car makes it harder to spend money.

I decided to take the hour or so warning he had given me (it was a last-minute decision) and stock up for the day.

First, the library. While my mom was here, she introduced me to Jack Reacher books by Lee Childs. They are light reads and annoyingly addictive. I’ve polished off three books in the last week — two in the last two days. So I re-upped and got two more.

This also gave me time to take advantage of a “Food For Fines” special the library was offering. Our last batch of books was a few days late, so we have a few bucks sitting on the card.

Each can of food took 50 cents off, so I checked our cupboards and found four that we weren’t going to use. Turns out I do not like Progresso’s creamy baked potato soup.

On the way back, I decided to get a bag of ginger snaps from Dollar Tree. These are amazing for two reasons. First, they have chili powder in them for a slight burn. Second, they’re 1/3 the price of similar bags in a grocery store.

There was a Dollar Tree on the way home, and I ducked in… only to find that this one has a frozen/refrigerated foods section! This is wonderful news because I love, love, love the 4-packs of Italian ice (lemon and cherry) that they sell.

And with temperatures set to be 101 today and 103 tomorrow, it seems like the perfect time for a cool treat.

I also picked up a box of mints. Throw them in the freezer, and they make you feel downright chilly.

For a small mid-day meal, I have some ears of corn that were 3/$1. Even with butter and salt, there’s some nutrition in there. And the heat makes it hard to have a huge appetite.

So: free loan of library books, $2 in Dollar Tree snacks (not all of which will be eaten today), $1 of corn and maybe some TV. All in all, a relatively thrifty Saturday.

What are your weekend plans?


  1. says

    Do several errands on the same bus ticket. Why pay more than once?
    Run the vacuum.
    Balance the checkbook.
    Finish writing something for my website.
    Start another batch of yogurt to use up last of 99-cent gallon of close-dated milk.
    Cook a batch of orange marmalade with $3 worth of fruit and sugar from a $1.99 bag. (It is soooo tasty with yogurt — like eating a healthy Creamsicle.)
    Make some beef-vegetable soup using $2.15 worth of "manager's special" beef cubes, the last surviving frozen peas, carrots and corn, some quinoa (free with Amazon GCs from Swagbucks), 50-cent can of tomatoes, handful of pasta (3 bags/$1 from the ethnic market), and stock I made from vegetable bits and vegetable cooking water from the freezer.
    While all those things are cooking, amuse myself with a 50-cent jigsaw puzzle I bought from a yard sale in Phoenix. It is indeed a VERY thrifty Saturday.

    • seattlegirluw says

      Truly, you are a party animal. Glad you passed the day fruitfully though. I mainly sat around and watched TV and read. And congratulated myself on not turning on the A/C

  2. pamela says

    Nothing thrifty here just fun. Decided to make some (2 batches) of homemade chocolate chip cookies. I figured in a few weeks it will be too hot (humid) here to bake, well cookies at least, so I might as well do it today!

  3. says

    It's Donna's fault I am here confessing. It is NOT a frugal Saturday. I just dropped $183 in Walmart. I could hate you two but instead I will use your thriftiness to chastise myself and get back on the plan. I didn't buy all that much food. I needed a lot of toiletries and after 40 years of pinching pennies I splurge once or twice a year on a some items I could get for 1/4 the price like shampoo, body wash etc. I did find a $5 nightgown and save 75%!!!

    I am working to lose weight and our scales are HORRID. I got a $40 set. I was expecting worse but thankfully that was their top of the line for our store. I hit the fabric dept and got 5 remnants and saved only 20% but they never mark their fabric lower than that. They'd rather dump it than do the markdowns.

    I won't bore you with the rest except to say I haven't gone shopping for the sake of shopping in well over a year. I am usually in way too much pain and today, I felt great so I went out to be human!

    Keep pinching those pennies. They really do add up. We have managed to end a LOT of old debt and crash on the car payments. Happy Savings! :)

    • seattlegirluw says


      Hey, we all have days where the spending adds up. If you read this blog with any regularity, you'll hear about some indeed.

      And scales are important to spend a little on. Technically, even a bad scale is okay as long as it's consistently bad. But it's better to spend $10-20 more and get something accurate.

      And fabric is always awesome. If I could sew, I would save a ton of money. But I never get around to learning.

      If it makes you feel any better, I spent a good 10-15 minutes at Bed, Bath & Beyond the other day talking myself out of a $25 towel bar. I hate the (perfectly good but utilitarian) one in our main bath. And it took a surprising chunk of willpower to remind myself that there are far better places for our money to go. Like all the repairs we've been needing.

      And I still want a nice towel bar, dammit. I just managed to talk myself out of it for the day.

  4. bareheadedwoman says

    We found we really don't like BallPark franks; thanks to a coupon & BOGO, we had a package in the freezer waiting for that day when we actually were hungry enough to eat it. I sacrificed some first growth garden herbs (thyme, rosemary, chives, garlic chives) and spinach & basil thinnings to a batch of on-hand red potatoes and grabbed the ballparks. Our block had the first stone soup BBQ of the season. Listening to the games on the radio, playin' with the pack of five big dogs next door (the fun of big dogs without having to have one), and socializing with the neighbors made a lovely afternoon and early evening. I traded spider plant babies for aloe babies and got free transplants for the garden!

    • seattlegirluw says

      Wow, that's a lot of frugality packed into one day — and some much-needed freezer-cleaning-out. Congrats!

      And at least they're not sitting in your freezer and weighing on your mind. Plus, really, who doesn't love a good BBQ?

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