Watch out for automatic renewals

I was checking my PayPal account today, and I noticed a $19.97 payment I didn’t remember making. Turns out, it was to for an automatic renewal.

I don’t subscribe to many magazines, but I have gotten some great deals in the past. For example, one of Tim’s stocking stuffers this year was a $5 Maxim subscription — and I got 25% cash back through Mr. Rebates.

Not a bad deal.

But you have to remember to cancel the subscription before it’s automatically renewed. If not, well… You end up surprised by payments you don’t remember making.

Luckily, these renewals were all in April. So I created three order cancellation requests via the Contact Me form, and so I will get a 100% refund on all three.

I’m a little annoyed that these slipped through the cracks. On the other hand, I’m relieved I got to them in time.

And, hey, it’s nearly $60 that had already been spoken for. That means an extra $60 is going into the savings account!

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