Fincon Day Two

I saw a bunch of seminars, which were a mix of interesting and slightly obvious, but at night I had a bunch of shindigs. I tagged along after my Mom and Liz Weston — coattails, baby! — and then followed J Money and Enemy of Debt and Ninja from Punch Debt In the Face.

I ended up at Ignite FinCon, which showcased bloggers in five minute bursts. (Yay, Powerpoint!)

At it, I saw a presentation from a gal I met randomly in the elevator. Agatha K.

Freakin’ hi-larious. I hope she finds a way to post it or link to it or something. I can’t do it justice (especially because I have a few drinks in me). Suffice to say, it was about finding friends as a nerdy blogger and involved her dangling off a roof and wondering where her parkour buddies were.

Like I said, I can’t do it justice.

Did I mention, she’s actually in accounting? So personal finance isn’t a huge leap.

In other random news, the first night we were treated to a rant by two slight drunken bloggers. (That’s what we get for getting lost and having to follow someone back to the hotel.)

The first guy ranted about he used to be a journalist. Turns out he wrote for newsletters. The other guy… No idea what his deal was.

But the two of them bitched about HARO. My favorite part? “They just ask your name, your age and what you do. They don’t want facts!”

I guess it upsets them that journalists might want more than just shameless self-promotion — though, to be honest, that does seem to be a facet of the site — and might want actual information rather than a link and homage.

So, okay, I’m a writing snob. No big news. I blame it on growing up with two journalists. But a) stop complaining when people who don’t owe you anything don’t give you anything and b) stop calling yourself a “journalist” if you write for newsletters.

Bitchy? Sure. Judgmental? Absolutely. Tired of shameless and pushy self-promotion over and above what’s to be expected at a con? Oh yeah, baby!

So, anyway, Agatha-K… Post that damn presentation! The rest of you, go check out her website.



  1. says

    Thank you sooooooo much for the generous shout out. I worked my nerdy ass off on that presentation so am really glad people liked it. :) I made lots of cool nerdy new friends (including you) so I am quite happy!

    • Abigail says

      Sorry, that was a bit opaque. HARO stands for “Help A Reporter Out.” Reporters post on the site, explaining the story they’re doing and what they’re looking for.

      Then people respond, usually to help promote their blog/book/service. Unfortunately, some aren’t really related to the subject or are clearly not what the journalist was asking about.

      Example: My mom was doing a “Zero dollar remodel” story. Change your home without buying anything.

      One reply was from a publicist, announcing a contest. Two home remodeling companies were offering a free exterior home remodel.

      The germane responses may actually get used. But the reporter doesn’t always feature the person or even give a quote. It may simply be a mention, though your blog will generally be cited.

      So this guy either talked to a reporter and didn’t make the cut or he DID get a mention but expected a far more long, intimate portrait.

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