Off to FinCon

This afternoon, my feet will be firmly planted in Denver soil. Or asphalt. You get the point.

I’ll be at FinCon and so posting even more sporadically than normal.

I’ll try to do quick blurbs if I find something worth blurb-ing about.

Meanwhile, I’m definitely looking forward to some of the seminars. There is promise of a really, really easy SEO course. (That’s literally what it’s called “Really, really easy SEO.”) There’s one about balancing blogging and life, which will be of real interest to me.

And of course I’ll get to see my mom and Liz Weston. Liz not only is the most read personal finance blogger on the Internet, but she used to work with my mom up in Anchorage. That’s right, baby, I’m connected!

Also, I haven’t seen her since I was, uh, ten? So I may have changed a skosh since she last saw me.

Anyway, after the conference, Mom and I are sticking around for a couple of days. We’re going to poke around and relax.

So, to sum up: conference, maybe some blurbs, relaxation and then back to the real world.

See some of you there and the rest of you when I get back — virtually speaking, of course.

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