The bright side of disorganization

The only good thing about being disorganized is that, when you really do have to find something, you get a lot of cleaning, sorting and filing done.

We have recently done a massive card sell-off, since we’re taking a break on the Magic front until next October. To be exact, we pretty much sold everything we had. By the time we start playing again, the cards wouldn’t be legal for play.

As I do with any big sell-off, I insure the hell out of the packages. It actually cost us $33 to mail and insure the three boxes. Blech.

Anyway, we got one of the checks today, and that prompted me to check in on the status of the other two. One is fine and dandy: payment is pending. The other… is still awaiting merchandise.

Did I mention it had an expected arrival date of 12/20/12? Even accounting for holiday delays that’s stretching credulity.

So I went to find the insurance slips… only to find that I couldn’t find them. Anywhere.

We cleared off the coffee table, sorted through the mail trays, cleared up my desk (which, for once, wasn’t all that bad) and went through my file cabinet. Then I checked everything two more times.

By this point, mild panic was setting in. As was annoyance that there were so many things to lift up and shuffle aside. So I caught up a bit on filing, got rid of some old mailings and tidied up the desk a little.

A lovely way to distract yourself from the rising panic of a potential $300 loss.

(Yep, $300. And that was only the second biggest order. I’m happy to say that a lot of the cards were ones we’d won or traded for, so at least we weren’t taking too much of a loss.)

Finally, I went into the guest bedroom/room where we keep all the boxes of Magic cards. Turns out I had cannily thought ahead and put the receipt and insurance labels by the cards.

You know, so they’d be easy to find.

Point is, I have them and I’m much calmer. Unfortunately, though, we apparently didn’t get tracking, only normal insurance labels. So I can’t pinpoint the location of the item myself.

First thing’s first, though. I’ve written to the card shop to see if there is any backlog in processing and/or checking in merchandise. It could be that the package arrived and just hasn’t been dealt with yet.

If that isn’t the case, we’ll have to file a claim. Whee.

Point is, I tricked myself into some cleaning — and heart palpitations at the thought of losing $300… well that’s practically exercise right?

In the meantime, we have a $455 check from one card shop and another $125ish one pending. Once all is said and done, we’re looking at around $800-850.

It’s only fair that some of that go to something fun. How much “fair” is has yet to be decided.

Still, most of that will go to further padding our savings. Or something really exciting like a new toilet for our bathroom or finally screening in the porch. Nobody parties like a homeowner!




  1. Rochelle Hamilton says

    Congratulations on finding the slip. I have been attempting organization lately and finding things like mates to favorite earrings – not much but I count that as a victory. My husband and son were big Magic fans so I'll let my son know that if things get tough he may want to consider selling some of his thousands of cards at some point – or maybe it will be his retirement fund.. Tee Hee.

    • says

      Rochelle: Hey any step toward organization is a good one. As for cards, it always depends on when he played and conditions. But there are plenty of big MTG card shops online that have buylists so it's (sorta) easy to find out for yourself.

  2. Catseye says

    Whew! So glad you found the insurance slips. I've been seriously decluttering/reorganizing my place, so I "feels ya" on that front. I recently discovered the safe hiding place where I'd stashed my HS diploma four years ago. I'm determined not to let that happen again!

  3. Andrea says

    Putting things is a "safe place" is the kiss of death in my house. Whenever my husband hears me utter that phrase he takes whaterver I am putting away and puts it in a real safe place!

  4. take_flight says

    My son has an extensive MTG card collection, and had joined a group that swaps cards. He's just recently started selling some of his off, and I'm hoping this makes for a nice payday for him, (since he moved back home in August, and he needs the cash.), He's got some serious organizational skills, it's just selling the cards. He hasn't jumped into ebay yet, maybe he should. Right now he's been haggling with people about a Scalding Tarn – Zendikar #223 Foil, and it's been a nightmare. Do you find it's better just to include cards like that in a lot, rather than alone?

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