Well, the good news is that our problem definitely isn’t basic fertility. Which is to say that I’m pregnant again.

We’re cautiously optimistic that this third time I’ll be able to carry to term. This time — crazy notion — we started out going to the OB instead of my regular doctor. (Hey, in my defense, it was a free blood test or a $35 one. Seemed like an easy choice.)

This time they’re pulling out all the stops. They did a basic exam — always a treat, as you ladies know — and blood work. Twice, actually, because they wanted to check that HCG levels doubled in 48 hours. Which they more than did, so we’re good to go there.

My progesterone levels are a  bit low, so they wrote me a prescription for that. (Now if only I got to take it orally… Yep, I just shared that gross detail. Deal with it.) The only comfort there is that we’re nipping this in the bud.

We’ll also get an early ultrasound at 7 weeks, instead of 10. That means, if all goes well, I’ll be slapping up a proud first picture of embryo Perry on January 4th.

As the moms already know, though, it’ll really just be a picture of a little blob of cells. Not that 10-week sonograms are all that detailed, either.  But hey at least the lil sucker will be getting lots of attention, which should make it interested in sticking around. If, you know, it had actually developed a brain yet.

Actually, I figure this one is fated to go through. Why? Because the tentative due date would be August 21st — aka 2 days after my own birthday. And the universe just loves those little jokes, like putting you into labor on your birthday. Or just making you 40 weeks pregnant and therefore perpetually uncomfortable on your birthday.

Anyway, not too much else to report on that front. I’m trying to figure out a sane way to hit the nutritional guidelines. It’s a fight.

I’m not a huge fan of veggies, so I got some dried apricots which count for leafy greens/yellows. I’m going to the store later today to get spinach, which counts as Vitamin C, iron and a leafy green.

I’ve almost got the protein thing down, but grains are killing me. I don’t eat cereal at the moment, and I just can’t enjoy more than a couple spoonfuls of oatmeal. Which leaves bread and beans. And the occasional whole wheat tortilla when I make Mexican foods.

I cheated with some multi-grain Wheat Thins, but I have to monitor those because of the sodium. Same with too many canned beans. Ugh.

So I’m probably going to have to break down and cook beans myself. I know it’s relatively easy, but it doesn’t feel easy. It feels like one extra step too many.

Alternately, if I’m breaking down and making stuff I would rather buy, I can pick up some whole wheat tortillas and make my own chips, which would be low in sodium. And taste uninteresting. Whee.

It’s a process. As long as I remember that I’m just not going to get it perfect — and as long as I remember not to beat myself up about it — I’ll survive the next (hopefully) 7.5 months of pregnancy.

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