Well, the sunburn is now in the itching phase, so that’s probably good news. It’s still tender to the touch but nowhere near as bad as before. But still not safe to wear a bra.

Since I’m not exactly light in the chestal region and am wearing an exceedingly thin shirt, I’ve stayed home since Saturday. That may sound like a negative, but it actually means I’ve had an excuse not to run any errands since Saturday.

The dentist called back and I officially don’t need a deep scale cleaning or a crown.

She does want to do a step up from the normal cleaning, but it’s been about 3 years since my last one. So I had kind of assumed that would happen. And at $62 (compared to $495), I’m more than happy to comply.

She also wants to keep an eye on the tooth, but she doesn’t think it needs a crown just yet. Sold!

I need to invest in some Listerine and try to make flossing part of my going-to-bed routine. As a depressive, it goes in cycles. And, like cooking, once you get out of the habit, it seems ridiculously onerous to start again. Even though it really isn’t.

Point being, I have to start taking care of my teeth. (She said, having eaten jelly beans and Cadbury Minis the last two nights. Moderation in all things, folks.)

Another update: AMC did get in touch a few days ago. Granted, it was after I left a polite but unhappy message on the company’s Facebook page.

The manager was very apologetic. I still don’t love the answer about posted prices. They’re apparently trying to work with the home office about clarification or displaying it correctly or something.

They seemed pretty clear on the policy to me. And I’m not really sure why the home office is needed to display prices. Maybe they’re stock picturs sent by AMC to individual theaters.

So, at least they’re trying. But the wrong prices are still posted for the foreseeable future.

Regarding $3 credits for large drink/popcorn vouchers, that was indeed a mistake. There are also vouchers for small drink/popcorn. Those are the ones that get only a $3 credit.

Impressive, really, since both the server and her manager didn’t read the voucher carefully.

Same coloring and background on both vouchers. But one reads “one small popcorn” in the same font size, on the same line. The other reads “FREE LARGE popcorn” on three different lines. The first two words are significantly larger than the third.

So… yeah. Hooray for minimum wage quality of service.

Anyway, we’re getting free ticket vouchers (the manager emphasized that there was NO fee to use these) and some food/drink coupons. We’ll see how that trip goes.

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