I haven’t written a ton about Swagbucks lately, I know. But I’m still a big fan.

As a big fan (and, yes, as a blogger wanting referrals)  I want to make sure you’re all geared up for the Double Swagbucks day tomorrow.

If you haven’t already signed up, now’s your chance to get an extra 70 SBs. Use this link and the code 70DOUBLESTUFF to get 70 extra Swagbucks.

Everyone all signed up? Good.

Now be sure to watch for the 35 SB worth of codes throughout the day. (Hint: Make you you have the toolbar. It makes searching and checking for codes a lot easier.) .

In addition to that, you’ll get double points on:

  • The Daily Poll
  • NOSO
  • Toolbar
  • Games
  • SBTV

Don’t forget that it only takes 450 SBs to get a $5 Amazon gift card. (Most of the rest are still only 500 SB.) Today could get you well on your way toward that first milestone!

For those of you wondering just how cool Swagbucks really are… I’ve used Swagbucks to get a PSP, iPod touch, PS3, a ton of collectibles and, gasp, even some books.

Of course, lately I’ve been using them mainly for mundane, household things.

Our order history is a lot less exciting. But we’re using those purchases to pad our savings account. And watching your savings account grow is always fun!

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