Patches decided to anoint our couch on Sunday. We’re not really sure why. The litter boxes, while hardly empty, weren’t too bad. She’s frequently used boxes far worse. This time, though, the little brat hopped up on the couch and nonchalantly started peeing between the cushions.

Now we get to deal with the urine issue again. We’re going to use Kids & Pets on the recommendation of a friend. Let’s hope it helps because I can’t remember the name of the stuff we used last time.

So in honor of the it’s-a-good-thing-she’s-cute furball “thinking outside the box” here are a few ideas on how to save on cat litter.


1. Petco brand litter: This is our current go-to solution. I don’t see any difference between this and regular litter. You buy the 30-pound bucket for $14, and refills are $10. As part of the Petco loyalty program, we get $5 off each time we spend $100, which boosts savings. Bonus goes to the environment because we’re not throwing away packaging every couple of weeks.

2. Online shopping: There are stores that will include litter in their free shipping offers. is one and gives 2% cash back through Mr. Rebates or Extrabux. Don’t forget that

3. Discounted gift cards: You can currently get Petco GCs for up to 24% off. Extrabux offers 1.5% back on Cardpool purchases. Mr. Rebates offers 1% on Raise orders (0.5% at Extrabux). Raise has a $5 discount for new customers.

4. Rewards programs: Don’t just get cheaper gift cards, get free ones! Swagbucks offers gift cards to And, of course, both Swagbucks and MyPoints offer Amazon GCs as rewards. You can buy just about anything on there.

5. Make your own: The Greenists has a recipe for homemade litter. It’s actually far less time- and labor-intensive than I would have thought. I’d rather use my limited energy to keep cooking. But I’d be interested to hear from anyone who ends up trying it.

To all of you cat owners, how do you save money on litter? And everyone feel free to leave me suggestions about things that get out the smell of urine.

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November 15, 2013 at 12:01 pm

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